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Top 16 Free Infographic Submission Sites to Earn Quality Backlinks

Do you know which is the best way to earn backlinks for SEO in 2021?

You may say, profile creation or guest posting. And yes, they are good strategies to create backlinks but the best way to earn backlinks is an infographics submission.

You don’t know what is infographics submission?

Well, don’t worry. 

In this post, I will explain to you everything about infographics submission and also will give you the infographic submission sites list to earn many backlinks for your website.

Sounds crazy?

So. let’s understand first what an infographic is.

What is an infographic?

As the word indicates infographic means in simple terms it is the combination of information and graphic which includes images, chart, symbol.

Sometimes it is very difficult to read and understand text-heavy data. So in the infographic, we put that information in graphical format with relative & attractive images, charts, symbols, etc., so that people can grasp that information easily.

I hope now you have got an idea of what an infographic is. Now let’s see the top 16 infographic sites and how to submit infographics on these websites.

Top 16 Free Infographic Submission Sites:


Domain Authority: 81 is one of the best infographic submission sites to submit infographics and it is free.

This platform seamlessly connects journalists, designers, and developers with clients.

best infographic submission sites

How to Submit: Simply create an account and submit the infographic

Price: Free


Domain Authority: 92 is the famous infographic submission site amongst designers. Designers showcase their latest work on this platform and earn high-quality backlinks. - free infographic submission sites

How to submit: Create an account and click on “Add Work” and upload your infographic.

Price: Free

3. Daily infographic

Domain Authority: 79

Daily Infographic is one of the most popular infographic submission sites to find amazing infographics. So make sure your infographic is creative and filled with interesting data if you are submitting it to Daily infographics.

Daily Infographic - Instant approval infographic submission site

How to submit: visit the website and click on submit infographics and fill the form. If your infographic is approved, you will get an email from the Daily Infographic team. 

Price: Free

4. Slideshare

Domain Authority: 95

Slideshare is the largest professional content sharing community owned by Linkedin where you can discover, share and learn through presentations, infographics and documents. 

slideshare - best infographic site

How to submit: Create an account and submit your infographics in pdf format.

Price: Free


Domain Authority: 93

Founded in 2005 Mashable is one of the top tech blogs and high DA infographic submission sites on the internet. You can submit infographics to mashable as long as it is covered as a news story.

Mashable generally accepts infographics related to technology, social media, marketing, current events & entertainment. - high da infographic submission sites

How to submit: Visit the website and click on submit news and fill the form. Make sure your infographic is covered as a news story.

Price: Free


Domain Authority: 92 is a Yahoo-owned community of photographers and designers having millions of photos and designs. 

While Flickr is mainly used for photos, you can also share your infographics.

Flickr - free infographic submission sites

How to submit: Create an account, create an album and submit the infographic.

Price: Free

7. Reddit Infographics

Domain Authority: 91 has a famous infographics subreddit having more than 160000 members. So submitting your infographic here can easily go viral and you will get amazing backlinks. - best infographic subreddit

How to submit: Join the subreddit and submit your infographics. Before submitting read the guidelines carefully.

Price: Free


Domain Authority: 53 is one of the leading data visualization and creative infographic site. You can submit all types of infographics from health to wealth and food to travel. Every niche is available. - best infographic submission sites

How to submit: Visit the website and click on “submit infographics”. You can choose paid submission option with a 1-2 days publish duration. Also, free infographics submission is available, but it will take a long time to publish.

Price: Free, $25 for immediate publication

9. Cool Infographics

Domain Authority: 60

Cool infographics is a website for data visualization, infographics, dashboards, and visual communication. It is one of the top websites in the information design industry.

Cool Infographics - Latest infographics

How to submit: Visit the website and submit the contact form with a link to your infographic. If your infographic is approved then you will get an email.

Price: Free

10. I Love Charts

Domain Authority: 60

I love Chart is a Tumblr blog that highlights all the best data visualization charts on the internet.

I Love Charts - Tumblr infographics blog

How to submit: VisiT the blog and click on “Submit” and attach the png file of your infographic.

Price: Free

11. Infographic Journal

Domain Authority: 55

Infographic Journal is an infographic archive that showcases the best infographics all in one place.

How to submit: Visit the website and click on “Submit Infographics”. Your infographics will review by one of their editors and if approved it will go live within 2 to 3 weeks. The paid option also available for express submission where at $25 your infographics will be published on the same day.

Price: Free for basic submission and $25 for express submission

12. Infographics Zone:

Domain Authority: 44

Infographics Zone is the best source for data visualization and the latest infographics. You can send infographics in any niche. 

infographic zone

How to submit: Send them an email with a unique title, unique description, and URL of your website.

Price: Free

13. News I Like:

Domain Authority: 41

News I Like started in 2011 which publishes news, facts, and reviews in the form of infographics, videos, and articles in technology, business & finance, home & lifestyle, digital media, science & environment, travel, and sports segment.

News I Like - free infographic submission sites

How to submit: Send them an email with the title, description, and URL. You will get submission status on their Facebook page.

Price: Free

14. Infographic List:

Domain Authority: 47

Infographic List is another popular Infographic submission site. You will get interesting infographics on this site.

Infographic List - infographic submission sites for backlinks

How to submit: Visit the website and click on “Submit Your Infographic”. Fill the form and send it. If your infographic is approved you will get an email.

Price: Free

15. Only Infographic:

Only Infographic showcases some of the best infographics available on the internet. 

Only Infographic

How to submit: Visit the website and click on “submit infographic”. Fill the form and send it. Their team will review your infographic and if approved you will get an email.

Price: Free

16. All Infographics:

Domain Authority: 29

All Infographics is a source of visual infographics on a variety of information including branding, love, and romance, make money online, startups.

How to submit: Visit the website and click on “Submit Infographics”. Read all the instructions given on the submission page and fill the form and send it. They only accept infographics from business email.

Price: Free

So these are the top 10 Infographics submission sites you can use to submit your creative infographics and earn quality backlinks.

Now let’s view what are the different types of infographics you can make

Types of Infographics:

  1. Timeline
  2. Number information
  3. Flow chart
  4. Visualized article
  5. Verses infographic for a comparison
  6. Useful baits

How to make good infographics that will be easily approved?

A good infographic must contain these things:

  1. It should tell a story because everyone likes the story
  2. It should be well structured
  3. Decide your goal: timeline, compare, awareness, story-based. Process, etc
  4. It should have minimum content and relevant images
  5. Define the tone: educate, entertain, inspire, etc

If you have these things in your infographics they will be easily accepted by infographics submission sites and also it will go viral.

Benefits of Infographics:

  1. With images and charts people understand your content easily
  2. It helps to boost content marketing strategy
  3. It helps you to market your product very easily
  4. People love to share interesting infographics with their friend and family
  5. It gives you quality backlinks which boosts your SEO
  6. As you put an amount of information in the infographics it shows your research and knowledge about the product 

Now you have got an idea why infographics submission is important and how to submit infographics, so now let’s take a look at some faqs about infographics.

Pro tip: If you are running a business check the post on Online Reputation Management.


Where can I submit the infographic?

Well, You can submit your infographics on all sites I have mentioned above in the article. These are the top infographic submission sites that will give you quality backlinks and boost your SEO.

What is infographic submission in SEO?

Infographic submission is an off-page SEO technique to earn quality links and boost your website’s SEO.

Which is the best site for infographic makers?

You can make an infographic on Canva, Piktochart or

What is an infographic submission website?

As the name suggests, it is the website that lets you submit an infographic so that you can get a more targeted reach. It is the same as guest posting on other sites.

What are the three main parts of an Infographic?

Here are the three main parts that make up an infographic:
Visuals: Graphics elements which include images and colors
Content: statistics and facts that you add to your infographic
Knowledge: Insights that user can take away from the infographic


Infographic submission is the best way to earn quality backlinks and reach your brand to more people and increase user engagement. So, try to submit your infographics to all mentioned infographic submission sites in this article. If you are not able to submit an infographic on any website let us know in the comment below. Also, Don’t forget to check the following website list to build high-quality backlinks.

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