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Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites & Guide to Guest Blogging

Guest posting is one of the important inbound marketing tactics that not only helps with driving a fresh audience to your blog or website but also helps your website rank higher. However, guest post on websites that have domain rank to give you the desired results is tricky. In this article, we will not only discuss instant approval guest posting sites but help you understand why guest posting is important for SEO.

What is Guest Posting in SEO?

Guest posting can be referred to simply as an act of having your content published on someone else’s blog or website in exchange for a backlink to your own’s. But how is it related to SEO?

Search Engines have several criteria upon which they judge each website and decide which of them should be given importance or in other words, which websites should rank higher on the google search results.

One of such factors is called Domain Authority which in layman’s terms can be defined as the website’s relevance and trustworthiness in a specific subject area.

When people mention your website in their blogs, it gives the Search Engine an indication that your website has content that is valuable enough to be mentioned in other people’s blogs. The more backlinks you acquire for your website, the more it becomes clear to the search engines that you are a reliable source of information that deserves to rank higher.

Backlinks give your website the strength of reliability. Hence, the domain authority of the website providing you with the backlink matters too. The higher their domain authority, the more benefits you will get especially if they belong in the same industry as you do.

For example, travel bloggers will choose to get their content featured on a high-ranking Travel guest posting website to obtain maximum benefits.

What are the Guest Posting benefits?

While guest posting is one of the preferred methods to gain a strong domain authority rank, here are some other benefits of guest posting:

Attract Fresh Traffic

When they share your content on their blog, chances are a considerable percentage of their followers will check out your website and therefore you will get an influx of new traffic into your website. If they enjoy your other content, they may become a follower.

Connecting with other Bloggers/Influencers

This is important in today’s scenario. While it may seem like they are your competitor, collaborations go a long way in consolidating your presence and relevance in your industry.

Improve your Personal Brand

When you reach out to different guest posting submission sites, you reach out to unique audience bases which helps your personal brand to grow. If these guest posting sites use their social media platforms to promote their guest blog posts, they will also redirect their social media audience to your accounts and increase your influence in social media.

Generate Leads

If your website provides any service, guest posting can help you market your service which will attract customers who have been looking for similar kinds of services. Furthermore, several guest blogging sites pay to their guest bloggers. These guest blogging sites are usually in high demand and therefore not easy to get your article published but worth a try.

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How to do Guest Posting?

Here is a guide on how to go about the entire guest posting process:

1. List the sites

Search for guest posting sites and make a list of them. You can search for them by searching the following or similar keywords:

“Guest posting sites list”
“Guess posting sites in India” – if you are looking for websites in a particular location you can incorporate that while searching
“Write for us”
“Guest blogging opportunities” + “travel” – replace “travel” with your industry for more refined search results
“Paid guest posting website lists”
“Paid guest posting opportunities”
“Article submission”
“Submission guidelines”
“Contribute to our site”
“Guest post column”
“Keyword” + “guest posting”
“keyword” + “write for us”

2. Pitching

While there are some instant approval guest posting sites, paid guest posting or high-ranking domains require pitching.

Pitching is the process through which you inform the editor of the topic you wish to write upon, the subtopics you would cover, and why your article deserves to be on their website.

Pro tips:
Research about the website and its competitors. Observe the topics for which the competitors are ranking but your targeted website is not. Write on that topic and politely mention in your e-mail how this article is beneficial to them. It helps a lot if your article is also keyword optimized.

Follow the submission guidelines strictly. They get hundreds of submissions every day. Not adhering to the given guidelines will only give off an unpleasant first impression and they may not even read your e-mail.

Make sure to read a few articles on their website and see what type of language they prefer.
Always personalize your email for each submission.

If you have previously published works, mention them in the email. However, limit it to only 2-3 published works that are related to the website’s niche.

3. Writing the Article

Plagiarism is a strict no-no. It will almost immediately be declined. There are several free plagiarism checkers online. Use them to make sure your content is unique.

If you are writing an opinionated piece, you will not require to bank on many sources of information. However, if you are writing an analytical or technical piece where mentioning the sources adds to the credibility of the article it is wise to hyperlink those sources. Do keep in mind that certain guest posting websites allow a fixed number of hyperlinks. Keep that in mind while framing your content.

When you hyperlink your website, try to use a directly related phrase to your website or industry. Google begins to associate such phrases with your website which will help your website to show up in the long run whenever someone searches for something related to that niche.

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Recommended Guest Posting Sites List:

These free instant approval guest posting sites list will help you earn some quick backlinks for your website in 2021 –

Sr. NoNameLink 
Informative Things 
Free Article Post 
Red Batti 
Tutor City 
Ideal News 
Etc Expo 
Techie Knows 
Write Freelance 
10 Make A Living Writing 

Here are some free high-ranking guest blogging sites in India that accept submissions: 

Sr. NoName Link 
11 Business Insider India 
12 Feminism in India 
13 Outlook India 
14 Live Wire 
15 Asia Times 
16 Scroll 
17 The Logical Indian 
18 YourStory 
19 Scoopwhoop 
20 Deccan Chronicle  

A few other websites that accept guest posts are: 

Serial Number Name  Link 
21 The Financial Pandora 
22 Psychologs 
23 Catharsis Magazine 
24 / 
25 / 
26 / 
27 / 
28 / 
29 / 
30 / 
31 / 
32 / 
33 / 
34 / 
35 / 
36 / 
37 / 
38 / 
39 / 
40 / 
41 / 
42 / 
43 / 
44 / 
45 / 
46 / 
47 / 
48 / 
49 / 
50 / 
51 / 
52 / 
53 / 
54 / 
55 / 
56 / 
57 / 
58 / 
59 / 
60 / 
61 / 
62 / 
63 / 
64 / 
65 / 
66 / 
67 / 
68 / 
69 / 
70 / 
71 / 
72 / 
73 / 
74 / 
75 / 
76 / 
77 / 
78 / 
79 / 
80 / 
81 / 
82 / 
83 / 
84 / 
85 / 
86 / 
87 / 
88 / 
89 / 
90 / 
91 / 
92 / 
93 / 
94 / 
95 / 
96 / 
97 / 
98 / 
99 / 
100 / 


1. Is guest blogging free?
That depends from website to website. Some websites charge money for guest blogging, some do not and some pay the writers for contributing.

2. How should I know if a website has high domain authority or not?
You can download the Moz extension or similar extensions and install it in your browser. It shows the Domain Authority of all websites.

3. Should I opt for paid guest blogging?
The internet provides plenty of free resources. Gaining backlinks takes time and 1-2 backlinks from paid sites will not give an additional advantage.

4. How many backlinks should my website have?
There is no limit as such. The more you have, the better it is.


Guest posting is a great way to earn quality backlinks and improve the domain authority of the website. Though its time consuming, if you apply it correctly, it will give you amazing results in SEO. Reach out to these instant approval guest posting websites one by one and pitch them your topics. Let me know your experience in the comments below.

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