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Why website is important for Business in 2021?

What would happen if amazon or Flipkart didn’t have a website when they started their business?

Would they be able to generate business today which they have generated till now?

No, right?

Without a website, it wouldn’t have been possible.

And that is enough to understand why website is important for business today?

But still, I see many people today who are running businesses that don’t have a website.

And it clearly shows that they have not understood the value and importance of websites for their businesses.

If you are one of them then this is the perfect place you stumble upon.

Read this article till the end and I will show you how you are losing your potential clients and ultimately losing business just because you don’t have a website. 

You will understand why a website is important for every business, for good marketing and to bring a lot of sales. 

So without wasting any single minute let’s get started.

Why website is important for business?

Before the existence of this digital world which we are living in now, we used to go to the market to buy whatever we wanted from a shop.

But now in this digital world, the whole marketplace has shifted online and your website is nothing but your online shop. 

Now tell me if you don’t have an online shop, then how will your customer find you and buy from you?

And that’s how you are losing out your potential customers.

You got my point… Right? So now let’s understand how the website can help you for effective marketing strategy for your business growth?

Importance of website in digital marketing

1. Website is important to implement Digital Marketing strategies:

In today’s time, 93% of people start their business decision with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc and if you don’t have a website, you are selling your product or services to only 7% of the total market.

And to get more potential customers online you will have to implement an SEO strategy but it’s not possible without a website.

If you don’t know what SEO is, then read this post about what is SEO and how does it work?

PPC or Google ads is also a very effective strategy to reach your potential customers but where will you land those customers if you don’t have a website?

Even same with social media marketing, You will market your product or services on different social media channels but where will you land them when you have no website.

So you must have a good design and professional website to work this all digital marketing strategies.

2. Website is important to capture leads:

Most online successful businesses today are successful because they have mastered the skill of capturing leads.

And the most effective way to capture lead is through the landing page and lead magnet. But if you don’t have a website then how will you design the landing page and how will you capture the lead?

3. Website is important for Funnel Marketing:

Funnel marketing is the best way to convert visitors of the website to your customers where they go through different places to make a purchase or improve your authority. 

So, for successful funnel marketing, a well-designed website plays a vital role.

Okay, so now you have understood how the website helps you with effective digital marketing strategies. 

Now let’s take a look at some other benefits website offers to small businesses.

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Why website is important to small businesses?

1. 24/7 Online Presence:

In the offline marketplace, you can’t keep your shop open 24/7 but in the online marketplace, your website is your shop and it is accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. 

Even during non-business hours anyone can access your website and know more about your business services. 

Also, they can come to your online shop i.e your website from their home, or anywhere.

2. It shows your Professionalism:

Another reason to have a website is a large portion of the market won’t even consider you when they looking to buy products or services you are selling. 

I know personally, if I am looking to buy anything and the one who is selling that product or service doesn’t have a website, then my view of that business is diminished.

It gives me the impression that this company or business is very poorly managed.

And with this viewpoint why would I buy products or services from a company like these?

So, what do you think? You should have a website for your business or not?

3. It Shows You exist:

A website is simply proof of your existence. It shows, your business exists. Without a website, it is very hard to believe about your product or services in the online market?

Just ask yourself if you see any advertise or post on social media and you like that product and you want to buy it, but would you buy it if those product or services does not have a website.

You won’t, right? Because you don’t know whether that product exists or not?

And that’s why you need a website to show your existence.

4. Describe Services:

Your website shows what services you offer which helps you to get more relevant phone calls and leads.

Your brand identity and services must be communicated online and for that, you need a website.

5. 24/7 Customer Support:

It is not possible in offline business to offer 24/7 customer support, however, you can offer 24/7 customer support in online business through your website.

Do you know, How? Through FAQs and Chatbots.

Faqs are the most commonly used medium to answer customer’s queries which saves your precious time and resources.

And chatbots also do the job of addressing frequent customer’s queries through template answers. 

6. Website is Important to earn the trust of your customers:

Just ask yourself If you come across any good product or services you were looking for, but 

You can’t find their website, will you buy those products or services?

No, because you think their business is not legitimate or successful unless they have a website. Right? Most people think like that.

So that website is very important to earn the trust of your potential audience.  

7. A website helps you you reach any corner of the world:

This is the biggest benefit you get when you have a website.

You can reach out to any geography and advertise or showcase your product.

Let’s say you are living in Mumbai, but with your website you can introduce what products you have, their benefits, price everything to people sitting in Bangalore.

This is not possible in an offline marketplace. Their people in the nearby area can visit your shop or store.

So, do you wanna take this advantage? Then let’s build the website now.

8. It offers brand credibility:

Your website instantly offers you brand credibility which will lead to more sales and customers.

9. It increases sales:

Websites help you to build trust in your business. It makes your business more credible and that leads to more sales. 

Because sales start with trust. If I have trust in your brand and I am looking for products or services you are offering then It won’t be difficult for me to buy products or services from you.

And most people buy in this way only. 

So, if you want more sales then start building a website for your business.

I think this is enough to show you how much and why a website is important for your business. 

So now let’s understand some FAQs related to website design.

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How to make a website?

If you have a small business then you can build a website on your own. There are some platforms to build websites like wordpress, Wix, and many more. WordPress is the most popular and easy platform to build a website. You don’t need coding to build a website on wordpress. After watching some youtube tutorials you can build a simple website or you can take website design services from a web design company.

Should I learn coding to build a website?

No, You don’t need to learn coding to build a website. You can build a beautiful website on wordpress. It is very easy and simple.

How can I identify website is good or not?

There are some ways to identify whether your website is user-friendly or not like site navigation, website design, loading speed, SEO-optimized website. 
– Site navigation should be easy.
– The website design should be good. In simple terms, your website should look good.
– Your website should load fast.
– Your website should be SEO-optimized.
If your website is good in these 4 elements then it indicates your website is user-friendly.

Is only a website enough to increase my business?

Well, If I ask you, is having a shop in the market enough to increase your business or you will have to do marketing also?
So, the website is your online shop. It is proof of your business existence and having a website will increase your business to some extent but if you want to increase it further you will have to use digital marketing strategies to reach your potential customers.


This is the digital world and your potential customers are surfing online to buy products and services they want. So, if you have to withstand this competitive digital world, you must have a website for your business. Otherwise, you will stay way behind your competition.

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